Murraylands Christian College - Murray Bridge

Murraylands Christian College - Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge Christian College was developed in response to the direct leading of God to serve the local Christian Community. Leaders of a local Strathalbyn church, Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, (an A2A Church), were instrumental in pioneering the College and praying it into existence. Planning began in 1994 and the Murray Bridge Christian College opened in for service in February 2000. Murray Bridge Christian College is a sister school to Murraylands Christian College in Strathalbyn, an R-12 School which commenced in 1991. The two colleges enjoy a close relationship and students leaving year 7 at Murray Bridge Christian College have available to them the secondary education service at Murraylands Christian College. This close relationship has led to the change of name to Murraylands Christian College – Murray Bridge.

The College was born out of a desire to see young people grow up in a Christ-centred environment where they could be nurtured in their faith through a balanced education catering for the whole person (body, soul and spirit). Children should be educated for life and prepared for eternity from infancy through to young adulthood and equipped with social and other skills which will help them become satisfied, effective and fulfilled.

The College aims to complement and support the work of both parents and the local church in developing the Christian character of young people, equipping them with appropriate academic, physical and leadership skills so that they can make an impact for Christ within their community.

From next year we offer junior secondary classes as follows:

year 8 in 2014

year 9 in 2015

year 10 in 2016